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What’s The Model?         

What’s The BroadcastComposers.Com Model? 

We believe the current form of licensing music is far too complicated. Trying to work out sync rights for different territories, different usage, different lengths in multiples of 30 seconds etc., etc., is just a complete headache! - So we decided to simplify it massively to make everyone's life a whole lot easier. We are not members of MCPS or PPL, so we can offer a completely new model of licensing. Ours is a subscription only service. We grant a blanket license which allows the user unlimited worldwide usage, forever.

What About Copyright? 

As we are sure you are aware, every musical work is subject to two forms of copyright - Performing Copyright and Mechanical Copyright. The Performing right belongs to the creator(s) of the work - in this case the composer(s). The Mechanical right belongs to the owner of the recording. In commercial music this would be the record company. All BCML composers hold both rights - which is why we are able to grant blanket licenses. The Performing right pays a royalty to the writers when their music is broadcast. In the UK, the Performing Right Society (PRS) is the collecting society for those royalties. They distribute the royalties to the composer(s). The mechanical right would normally also pay a royalty to the mechanical copyright holder via a collection society such as MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society), but in the Broadcast Composers Music Library model the mechanical royalty has been replaced by the subscription.

Pre-cleared Sync License 

Trying to work out the correct sync usage fees for music within a production can be a nightmare. Our aim is to keep it simple! No tricky maths to do. No usage, duration or territory headaches to work out - We have streamlined the whole process. BCML is a subscription service –  we grant a blanket license which allows you unlimited worldwide usage in your productions - forever.  Our library is intended as a resource for broadcasters, advertising agencies and production companies for use in professional audio/visual projects. You cannot give or sell our music to any third parties in any format without our written permission.


Unlimited Downloads 

 Subscription is not based on the amount of tracks you think you may or may not use. Our years of experience in broadcast TV and television advertising have taught us that our clients need to keep their options open when it comes to choice.  It's simple: enjoy unlimited downloads of everything in the library. How easy is that?

What formats can I download the tracks in?

You choose your preferred audio file format! 
The download files are available as either 48KH 24-bit .Wav or 320kbps Mp3.
Currently Apple's FCP can't take in mp3's directly, but Wav's are uncompressed & so are much larger files. Avid can take mp3's. Most broadcasters & post houses work to 48k 24bit. However, Adobe After Effects can only take in 16bit files. If you're working in AE, you may need to use the mp3 option or down convert the 24bit Wavs to 16bit.
For the purposes of streaming, the audition tracks are nasty lower quality 96kbps mp3's - unsuitable for any professional use.

Can I Attach The Library To Our Server On A Hard Disk?

Yes, this is something we can offer to frequent user companies where downloads directly to the edit suites can be problematic. We can either install the library on an external HD or within a larger system such as EditShare. Please contact us to discuss


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