How do I create new users?

Only Account managers - the subscription holder - can create (and delete) new users or groups & assign roles. To do this, sign in and click on the PROFILE tab. Account managers have an advanced set of options not available to basic users. Basic users have limited information to protect accounts from abuse and inadvertent changes. Too many cooks spoil the broth!

I can't download anything!

You will only be able to download tracks if you are registered as a user under a current subscription plan and are signed in. 

Where are the Playlists? I can't see them...

Playlists are only visible once signed in (if you are a current subscriber). You can send a link to a Playlist to a colleague or client via a BCML generated email by clicking on the 'Share' button on the playlists page. This is for suggestions & audition purposes only. Your recipients will not be able to download the tracks or edit your playlist unless they are a subscriber also.

I've shared my playlist but my client hasn't received the link...

Ok, check all the obvious things - did you type the email address correctly? If you are sending to multiple recipients, each email must be separated by a comma & a space - i.e.,, - etc., etc. Also, ask the recipient to check their spam box or junk email folder ...some firewalls may do this.

I'm in an edit & something's not working! HELP!

In all normal circumstances, please use the site's Contact Us system. In the unlikely event that you have used that & not got a response, or are massively stressing coz the exec's coming in half an hour and your temples are about to burst, fear not - email us directly at or call us on +44 (0)20 7836 7272 and one of our awfully nice people will endeavour to help. 

Can I get a track amended?

Yes, we can customize tracks but there is of course an additional charge for this which is by negotiation - dependent on the complexity of the changes you require & speed of turnaround. Please email us directly at

Is My Payment Secure?

Our site has been professionally developed and is robust and secure. Great care has been taken to ensure your experience with us is completely hassle free and simple..

I haven't got time to search!

Unlike other larger library's, is a boutique & specialised library and we are confident that your searches will not turn up endless amounts of unsuitable tracks that you have to wade through to find the odd gem. But if you're really up against it, we offer an added value service of searching the library for you. Your search will be done by one of our awfully nice composers, not a junior or desk jockey with no experience! Email us directly at or call us on +44 (0)20 7836 7272 we will send you a playlist of recommended tracks.

Confused? Got a query? We hope not, but if you have Contact Us

We want to make your experience as easy to use and as useful as it can possibly be. Please use the feedback system if you have any suggestions that would make our site better!