About Broadcast Composers Music Library

Why Choose BroadcastComposers.Com

Aside from great music, the whole ethos at Broadcast Composers Music Library is to Keep it Simple! 

  • Comprehensive, intuitive and easy to use with a colour-coded search engine.
  • Generate pre-populated cue sheets with all the information you need.
  • Share playlists with your colleagues. Send playlists to your client for their approval.
  • Create user 'groups' for each project. 
  • Download 48KHz, 24bit broadcast standard Wav files or high res 320kbps mp3's.
  • Unlimited downloads of everything in the library.
  • All plans are pre-cleared for world-wide sync usage forever.

About Us

Broadcast Composers Music Library LLP is an entirely independent boutique music company, the brainchild of two award winning UK media composers; Sandy Nuttgens and Spike Scott. We realised that out of all of the successful scores we write, most of it gets used once within the programme it was commissioned for …and is then left to gather dust on the archive shelves. We found the same thing happens to most other media composers too. All of this great music is top drawer stuff …So we decided to make use of these vast catalogues. Remix them, re-master them and repurpose them. 

This is not the same old hit and miss stuff that you will find in any other music library. We don't get just anyone to submit tracks. All the stuff here have been written to a brief, recorded by the finest musicians and mixed to the highest of broadcast standards. It has all been commissioned by experienced TV Directors & Producers, approved by the exec's and commissioners, and watched by millions. It is a unique approach ...& your guarantee of quality.

Why We're Different

Broadcast Composers Music Library is exactly what it says on the tin: Broadcast music for broadcast people!

We are not a royalty free library! We are an entirely independent boutique music library providing proven broadcast music exclusively to the broadcast and advertising industries. It's for professionals, by professionals. We have chosen to operate a subscription service - not the standard MCPS model - to keep our licensing simple and easy to manage.

We've been creating top quality bespoke soundtracks for the broadcast world for over 25 years. We know how it works. We know what you need. We established BCML for busy professionals who need proven, high quality music that is fit for purpose. As we are composers working in broadcast all the time, we have applied our knowledge of what you need to how this library works. 

Aside from great music, the whole ethos is Keep it Simple! We know from the editors and directors we work with that ease of use in time critical situations, like edits, is paramount. So we went the extra mile to get a fantastically comprehensive yet easy to use search engine built. Not only that, but once you have found a bunch of tracks you like, you can share your playlist with other members of the team – so everyone from the director to the assistant to the client can have an input. Then we thought “How can we make life even easier…?” Our broadcast friends asked us if we can generate pre-populated cue sheets from the playlists – so we did! You can edit & download these as Pdf’s too! It’s all about making your life simpler.

Where Are We Based?

We're in the heart of Soho, London's creative community. For the quickest response, please use our contact system. If you would like to write to us, our address is: 

Broadcast Composers Music Library LLP
18 Soho Square
T: +44 (0)20 7836 7272
E: info@BroadcastComposers.com

BroadcastComposers.com is founded on the unique heritage of British musical excellence. We are primarily made up of UK based composers, however our ever increasing roster of proven, world class professional media writers spans the globe.


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